Rebuilding Together projects revitalize homes, community centers, playgrounds and other neighborhood public areas.  We work in communities most in need of assistance.  Homeowners or community centers are qualified by staff and skilled committee volunteers and then matched with corporate or other organization supporters.

You can be a part of improving the homes and lives of neighbors in need. Neighbors like Ms. Crowder, a single 54-year old woman with severe arthritis on a fixed income. Her Eastway Park home is 72 years old being built in 1941. She owns her home and has loved there for 13 years. The City of Charlotte recommended she leave in January 2013 because she had been financially unable to make repairs on her home and it was unsafe for her to stay. The home had no heating, cooling or electricity and faulty plumbing.

In an attempt to return to her home, Ms. Crowder hired a contractor to make some repairs requested by the City. The contractor has subsequently taken her for $1,950 and only managed to obtain a permit, install one ceiling fixture and a light switch. An unfortunate predatory situation repeated too often with the elderly and the poor.

(Eastway Park Project Roof Repair) NewRoofBearwood

Doerre Construction teamed up with Rebuilding Together to help Ms. Crowder return to her home by donating materials, services and contributions and soliciting others to do the same. Other contributors and in kind partners include Gregory Glazing, Allen Weaver Plumbing, Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning, Baker Roofing, Atlantic Commercial Caseworks, Lowe’s, Noranex, Ferguson, Carpet South Design, R.T. Meacham Drywall Co., and Titan Electrical. Wells Fargo Housing Foundation then sponsored the final project day with more than 40 volunteers on hand to install new siding, finish wall and floor repairs, paint and more.

“When we saw the condition of Ms. Crowder’s home and heard her story, we had to step in an help,” said Seth DuVernay, Doerre Construction InformationOfficer. “We knew that many of our valued subcontractors would also step up and they certainly did”


(Eastway Park Project Volunteers)

“Rebuilding Together is all about uniting individuals to positively impact families and communities. As a Wells Fargo team member and a board member of Rebuilding Together, I feel that this project is a perfect example of that partnership to help a deserving homeowner in need,” said Bill Langhart, Wells Fargo Wealth Home Equity Lending Manager. “I look forward to building upon the Wells Fargo energy and passion from this project to help others achieve stable homeownership and continue to strengthen our communities.”

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